Living Stones Group Madrid 
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The Living Stones Group Madrid meets every Saturday at 8 pm at Centro Arrupe (C/Fernando el Católico, 63, dup., 28015, Madrid)  for prayer and formation.





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Our Community

Our Living Stone community in Madrid was born in October 2014, after a call from the responsible of the Pastoral services at the Beata María Ana Hospital. He wished to take advantage of the beautiful mosaic in the chapel, made by Marko I. Rupnik sj and the Aletti communitiy, to commemorate the 125º anniversary of the Hospitaller Sisters (founded by Father Benito Menni in 1888).

We are five people: Samuel, Portuguese Jesuit, Maripa and María, who have been taken part in some LS camps and leader the one in Santiago de Compostela, and Sofía and Lucía, art historians. We meet together in a monthly praying with different people in the hospital: part of the staff, some nuns from the religious community, some sick people and their relatives, and other people who answer to our call through the websites, social networks… After it, we offer our LS service about our meaningful mosaic.


Our Service


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Our fist step as a Living Stones community start in the Beata María Ana Hospital in Madrid, run by the Hospitaller Sisters of Saint Benedict Menni.

A call from this hospital crossed frontiers and, eventually, it found an answer in Madrid. Then, two dreams met at last: the dream of a mosaic for all and the dream of a community. And that is how this mosaic gave birth to our small Living Stones community.

In the middle of the city, at the heart of this hospital where pain and love walk hand-inhand, we are invited to pray, to watch, to share. To be imbued by the beauty of the mosaic, of the Word and of each one of the people that live, suffer and love every day in the hospital. To make visible the light in the middle of the dark. To build community.

– “Do you dare to dream?” – Was the question they threw at us.
– “We dare”, was our answer, knowing the opportunity we had to start walking discovering together “The colour of love”
( M.Rupnik)

Nuestros primeros pasos como comunidad de Piedras Vivas comienzan en el Hospital Beata Ana de Madrid, animado por las hermanas Hospitalarias de San Benito Menni.

Una llamada desde el hospital atravesó las fronteras para, finalmente tener respuesta en Madrid.
Y dos sueños se encontraron por fin: el sueño de un mosaico para todos y el sueño de una comunidad. Y así fue como el mosaico dio a luz a nuestra pequeña comunidad de Piedras Vivas.
En medio de la ciudad, en el corazón de este hospital donde el dolor y el amor van de la mano, se nos invita a rezar, a mirar, a compartir. A dejarnos empapar por la belleza del mosaico, de la Palabra y de cada una de las personas que viven, sufren y aman cada día en el hospital. A hacer visible la luz en medio de la oscuridad. A construir comunidad.

-“¿Nos atrevemos a soñar?” fue la pregunta que nos lanzaron.
– “Nos atrevemos”, fue nuestra respuesta, conscientes de la oportunidad que se nos daba para comenzar a caminar descubriendo juntos “El color del amor” ( M.Rupnik)

Hospital Beata Ana de Madrid

Centro Aletti

We are the “living stones” from a mosaic called Church. ¿Qué gritan las piedras?

We are made in the unity of the mosaic and there is where we understand ourselves, because each little stone finds itself and knows itself in the Church. Looking at the mosaic closely we can admire the beauty of each selected stone because it is put in its place; but we need to step aside, to look to it with that precise distance to see what it express in its totality, in its harmonious unity and to contemplate the mistery of the mosaic in all its beauty. And before such beauty of the all set who dares to ask about the “importance” of each and one of those small isolated stones?

The mistery of the mosaic is we do not perceive individual stones. All the stones of the mosaic together represent what any couldn’t reflect and express for itself, isolated or lonely. Our life cannot be understood like an isolated small stone. Our little story is always a distinct part of the great story of salvation.

“The mosaic is a gift to each small stone and each tile is a gift to the mosaic”

The mosaic we are to belong to is made of thousands of little stones which found the place – their place! – chosen by the Master. Each small stone has its exclusive reserved little place in the mosaic, prepared by God. The fate of each tile is singular and unique in the great fate of the mosaic.

Far from being a simple stone ornament, the mosaic is made Body. We are Body of Christ. In the smallness and fragility of those stones, tied by the Spirit, the Risen Christ is prodigiously made visible, and is human-divine love is clearly expressed. In the mosaic we can touch the humility and the glory; the glory in the human smallness. The mosaic makes visible the wonders God does in the fragil humanity of each one of us. The small stone is the first to be astonished by the marvel the Lord does in its transfigured existence.

“What do the stones scream? They scream the victory of Christ.”

There are no lines which divide one tile from the others, because each small stone means the existence of the following. All the stones have the attitude of mark the following, and so enjoy the communion of the trinitary love: “so that they may be one like us” (Jn 17, 11).

The only necessary is to let be taken saying that free “yes”, that’s how they fit with joy and gratitude with a graceful movement. There are no big achievements requested, no complicated feats, only and simply to let the same fire of the Spirit to kindle their small existence, that fire which configures us with Christ. He tempers the living stones, harmonizes us in the mosaic and joins us with skill and beauty.

Let us pray for not a single one to get lost, aware that the mosaic is a work in progress and many of those small stones are still missing, lost, not fit or not in the place for which they were thinked to.